Ohio is doing so poorly because the Republican Party is in need of reform.

It is time to quit asking and start Demanding

As a candidate for the Republican State Central Committee, I pledge to establish a professional, transparent, and accountable Republican Party in Ohio. These commitments will enhance our governance structure, financial management, decision-making processes, policy development, and engagement with constituents.

  • Leadership and Governance:

    • Commitment to electing a Chairman from the body of the State Central Committee that runs the meetings.

    • Commitment to hiring a professional CEO for the party who reports to the State Central Committee and the Chairman that runs the party.

  • Financial Management:

    • Commitment to the State Central Committee approving all expenditures not provided in the budget.

    • Commitment to limiting emergency discretionary spending by the Chairman to not exceed $5,000 on a quarterly basis.

    • Commitment to the party's finances being professionally audited every 2 years. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the Chairman and CEO of the party.

  • Meeting and Decision-Making Procedures:

    • Commitment to the State Central Committee meeting quarterly to approve the quarterly budget.

    • Commitment to hosting in-person State Central Committee meetings only on Saturdays or Sundays to facilitate public participation.

    • Commitment to debate procedures for regular meetings.

    • Commitment to live-voting that identifies how each member votes on all issues - or roll-call voting.

  • Party Events and Endorsements:

    • Commitment to a Republican State Convention every even-numbered year.

    • Commitment to a Republican Rally every odd-numbered year.

    • Commitment to ensuring the State Central Committee makes endorsements only in unopposed primaries but reserving the right to rate candidates in the primary according to an unbiased and transparent standard.

    • Commitment to adopting a vision, goals, priorities, and a State-specific platform of policy solutions for Ohio at a State Convention or with input from all the County Central Committees.

  • Policy and Bylaws:

    • Commitment to adopting new bylaws that provide penalties for not adhering to the bylaws and eliminate ambiguity and misinterpretation.

    • Commitment to adopting a code of ethics for the State Central Committee.

    • Commitment to adopting a Whistleblower Policy for the Party.

  • Transparency and Constituent Contact:

    • Commitment to making all County and State Central Committee members' emails and phone numbers available for constituent contact.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping:

    • Commitment to using a fund accounting basis, such as Aplos.com or equivalent, for the accounting method of keeping the committee's books.


State Central Committee Pledge