Reforming the Ohio Republican State Central Committee (ORSCC) can help all Conservatives achieve their goals!

There are very few things that can be as impactful to Conservatives as reforming the ORSCC. Ohio has lived with a very progressive form of Republican moderatism since the 1980s. The ORSCC are the people that have the greatest amount of influence in getting candidates elected - from the statehouse - to the county seat - to local municipal elections. They have been very successful in getting people elected. Unfortunately, because of a lack of structure, while we elect Republicans - they don't get much accomplished in the way of helping Ohioans. Even more unfortunately, the people that run the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) don't know what they are doing and haven't known for quite a long time. Their lack of leadership skills, vision, teamwork, and building passion for issues and candidates is self evident for anyone that cares to investigate.

"No war was ever won by generals telling their soldiers to go do their own thing. We need to work together and our Republican officeholders need to work together. Ohio's war against a bigger government will never be won without a platform/plan to hold Republican politicians accountable. Without a platform or goals, our politicians/soldiers have no plan to coordinate the implementation of policies and laws to win the war."

- Jon Morrow

Just think of how much more effective we'd be...

....if our supermajority in the Ohio House and Senate, and all the Statewide officeholders, were focused to accomplish the goals laid out by the State Central Committee. What has taken years could be accomplished in weeks when we all learn to work together. Laying out a vision, a platform, and goals allows all non-profits to be more effective. Why not the Ohio Republican Party? We must ask ourselves why the ORP, State and County parties have not become certified Right-To-Life organizations pledging to not support candidates that will not sign a contract to preserve the rights of the unborn.

Ever wonder why Political Consultants do not want their Candidates to make Campaign Promises?

When George H.W. Bush said "Read my lips, no new taxes." It doomed his presidency because he was not serious about the promise he had made to the American. As a result he lost re-election. Additionally, when politicians make promises they are less able to be pliable with the special interests. That means that it makes it harder to raise funds for campaigning. Professional campaign managers today do not want their candidates to be transparent nor principled. They want candidates that can be shaped and molded by the special interests. Why? Because the campaign manager stands to profit handsomely. This is why so many State parties have ceased to stand for anything and have no platform. They don't want to hold their candidates accountable.

Find your district and learn about your State Central Committee Conservative Candidates.

Click on your district or click on the map pin to learn more about the Conservative candidate in your area. Please consider contacting them and volunteering to help

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Our New App for Reform Activists

Our new web-based application is for activists that want to change the Ohio Republican Party. The app can be sent to anyone to signup with a link (by email or text). Activists can help advertise all the candidates that have promised to reform Ohio and the Republican Party. Stay-tuned right here to learn more. As we update and extend the capabilities of the app they will be automatically updated on your phone.

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"When party leaders fail to have a plan, then they plan to fail - A PLATFORM IS THE PLAN THAT ALLOWS THE PARTY TO GET THINGS DONE - even Boy Scouts know this"

- Patty Gascoyne

We help Grassroots Activists find a way to win with technology and building passion for their candidates.

This is a Registered Republican Density heat map of Portage County, OH - by precinct. This type of mapping for Registered Republicans and Independents is important. We all need to know how to best use resources. Where is the best bang for your buck? Where do you want to spend your time and energy? Don't waste a volunteer's time and energy focusing on precincts that don't matter.

Do such maps cost hundreds of dollars? No! Our sister organization will have courses to teach you how to produce such maps for a very low-cost (This one cost $70.00)

Is your local Republican Party passing up on recruitment opportunities?

If your local Republican Party is not following best practices guidelines to fill all its precinct seats it is missing out on making its GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts more successful. Successful GOTV efforts grow the party and help win elections. Perception is everything in bringing enthusiasm to the Party. If there are not many precinct seats filled on the County Central Committee and they do not meet frequently - it is hard to get the momentum needed to grow and dominate your county. If you are not going door-to-door to fill empty precinct seats in heavily held Republican districts you are not doing the basics to be successful. If you are not making it easy for would-be applicants to find their district and get a job description for the position then you will fall short of recruitment goals. When you fill the seats on the county central committee with good people - you not only win you dominate.

Empower your County Central Committee to dominate your county by challenging them to step-up their recruitment goals -or- take on that responsibility yourself. Mapping and visualization make things easier to accomplish.

This map is for Portage County, Ohio - mapping filled and vacant County Central Committee seats for the Republican Party. The data pulled is from public sources and we make no claims on the accuracy of the data provided. The data provided is for demonstration purposes only.

We called it! Twenty eight appointees and lobbyists and 8 others on the Republican State Central Committee voted to endorse Mike DeWine who is popular with less than 40% of registered Republicans.





The Prosperity of Ohio is Dependent upon the Reform of the ORP into a more Engaging and Responsive Organization that holds its Politicians Accountable.



The Board of Directors of the Ohio Republican Party have no Plans to implement Conservative Solutions or Elect BOLD RED Candidates

We Help Make Your Candidate Shine - on a budget...

We help design postcard, door hangers, and political newspapers for grassroot campaigns. We have worked with some of the best people in the industry - that's heart is really about doing what is right - rather than trying to get rich off of volunteers. If we can't help we can point you to someone that can ~

In with the New

We are focused on implementing conservative policies - not just winning elections. We feel winning is meaningless if we don't implement conservative policies. We feel that conservative policies are our best defense against an ever-growing State government that tramples our prosperity and freedoms.

To Get Out The Vote (GOTV) we need to Get Out The Message (GOTM)

So many of our county parties put the cart before the horse and wonder why they are unsuccessful. If you are not a professional boxer and you step into the ring with a professional boxer - you are going to lose that contest. The biggest weapon Conservatives have in their arsenal is education. It is no wonder that so many local county parties do not strive to educate the public on conservative policies and ideal. Educating the public is planting seeds that candidates that support such policies harvest later. Rather than pursue a strategy that teaches man to think - we've chosen to feed the public smears and rhetoric with no substance.

We are not likely to win in a war of manipulation and opportunism. We should not step into the ring with the boxer. The best way to win is to not play the game the way they want us too. We need to be better than them. Teach a man to fish is to teach a man to think instead of feeding them BS designed to tear us apart. Embracing the distribution of Political newspapers at the county level helps to educate the voter, is a great fundraising platform, and helps to get the message out.


Out with the Old

Revolutionary thinking - prioritizing the implementation of conservative policies over just simply winning elections. What a novel idea! Focusing the efforts of the politicians we work so hard to elect - by holding our candidates accountable to implement the policies of the State party's platform once they become officeholders. We call this common sense instead of blind faith in the party.

Clearly, blind faith in the branding of the party has not been deserved. What are Republicans say and what they do tend to be polar opposites.

“For Ohio to prosper there must be a sea change shift in how the board of directors of the ORP views its role in the relationship between the people, politicians, and prosperity

- Jessica Franz

The Board of Directors of the ORP is not getting the job done and Ohio is failing. Worse yet, the directors believe they are successful solely because they help engineer election wins.