Unless you meet up with or talk to average Republicans, you'd think that Ohio is a very purple state and that electing liberal Governors is just a natural result of an evenly split, moderate state where extremists are not welcome. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Ohioans are largely conservative and hold the motto: "A fair day's wage for a fair day's worth of work." Ohioans are hard workers. We don't want to give away what we've earned to every liberal initiative that Special Interests come up with. Special Interests scheme and spend to keep Ohio purple. This is why Ohio struggles. Ohio has plummeted in every economic indicator since the 1980s.


Special Interests make a lot of money from the State of Ohio. Medicaid reimbursees, nursing homes, institutions of higher learning, lawyers, and road construction companies make billions off of the backs of hardworking Ohioans.

Special Interest lawyers get together and anoint a pet candidate who they believe will represent the will of the Special Interests above the interests of the people... and certainly beyond the will of the people.


The Special Interest lawyers and lobbyists begin by approaching the candidate to discuss his run for office. The candidate is one that is reasonable and pliable - or just completely inept. Rather than upsetting the applecart with common sense, the candidate is to serve in office in order to maintain the machine making no substantive reforms. Next: the goal for the gubernatorial candidate is set: to win the endorsement of the State Central Committee. To this end, the members on the State Central Committee will be and must be bribed in order to support the Special Interest candidate.


The State Central Committee (SCC) is composed of thirty-three men and thirty-three women who are popularly elected from Ohio's thirty-three Senate districts. Though they represent Republicans, most people don't know about these races or the candidates because their general election is during the primary (when few Republicans or Democrats vote) . These SCC seats are usually easy to win if the Special Interests have not targeted them. To control Ohio, Special Interests need only control 34 SCC votes to get their candidate endorsed for a Governor's race.


No money has to pass through a gubernatorial candidate's hands in order to bribe SCC members. "I will endorse you for SCC if you will vote to endorse me for Governor; and if I win, I will make you a political appointee for a cushy, well-paying State job."

This is routine. It is also routine for SCC candidates to receive endorsements from Statewide officers (Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, Lt. Governor). Just because it is tradition to accept bribes doesn't make it right. Bribes are wrong.

However, the Ohio Ethics Commission has determined that those serving concurrently on the SCC and also as a political appointee are not subject to Ohio's ethics laws.


State Central Committee races are some of the cheapest races to win and winning a seat grants the most influence in Ohio. Guess what? By Ohio law a SCC candidate does not require any financial disclosures and they can accept an unlimited amount of money from anyone. This allows Special Interests to secretly funnel dark money toward SCC candidates that will in turn support their candidate. SCC candidates, thusly funded, may also take a turn in promise making to County Central Committee members/chairs to garner County Party endorsements for themselves. Keep in mind that if Vladimir Putin or Xi Jing Ping wanted to take over Ohio politics - they could very easily and legally write massive checks to State Central Committee members. Isn't that a scary thought?


Currently there are 28 members of the Ohio Republican State Central Committee that are also appointees of State Officers or are lobbyists or have immediate family members that are lobbyists. There are 8 members who are directly influenced by Special Interest lawyers and lobbyists. These 36 members combine to control the Ohio Republican Party and Ohio Politics. Because 1)Ohio ethics laws have been deemed to not apply and 2)there are no laws that prevent appointees and lobbyists from serving on the State Central Committee - Special Interests rule Ohio instead of the people.

A foundation of corruption - leads to a legacy of corruption.

Governor Bob Taft was Ohio's first sitting Governor to be convicted of criminal charges

Senator Cliff Hite resigned in disgrace after he was caught red-handed in a sex abuse scandal

Wes Goodman resigned in disgrace after he was caught red-handed in a sex abuse scandal

Cliff Rosenberger (Speaker of the House) resigns after FBI investigates his lavish lifestyle.

Tom Noe - a Republican fundraiser for the Ohio Republican Party sentenced to prison for the CoinGate scandal

Larry Householder (Speaker of the House) implicated in a $60 million First Energy bribery scandal.

Matt Borges threw away $650k of Republican Party money to Kasich donor. Implicated in First Energy Scandal. Disenfranchised Ohio Republicans by working for the Lincoln Project to get Democrat Joe Biden elected President.

Governor John Kasich worked hard to disenfranchise Ohio Republican voters by working directly with Joe Biden and the DNC to ensure Republican Donald Donald Trump did not win re-election.